About Vertige.

Who are we?

Vertige is a mobile game studio founded by passionate gamers who wanted to introduce the intensity of truly challenging games to a wider audience. We didn’t want to change our habits so we chose to work in an atypical corporate environment. We focus on high quality, user-friendly games available for tablets and smartphones. Tropical Wars is our first free-to-play mobile game.

  • What do we believe in?

    We love video games. We reconciled expertise and passion and founded Vertige. Everything we do, we believe in challenging what other companies consider unavoidable : Vertige takes players down untrodden paths and makes them live new experiences.
    We have faith in our teams and we’re sure that their performances will satisfy even the most demanding players !



    How do we work?

    Making a job out of passion is pretty tough so we had to break a few corporate rules : our teams aren’t bungled by outdated hierarchies. Vertige is a teal organization divided in independent teams only led by their passion for gaming. We are coming together as a community to build our players fun and challenging environments.
    We want to gather the most skilled workers to innovate and push forward all of the industry.

  • What do we do?

    We make user-friendly challenging games. It’s as simple as it seems: we distill what you’d consider a hardcore game down to its core essence and mould it in an innovative high quality mobile game. Thanks to our intuitive gameplay no concessions are made on game mechanics. Our main objective is to make user friendly games. The results are great and the players love them !

Our team








Go-to Guy


Technical Grandmaster


Fearless Developer


Magical Designer


Wise Artist


Powerful Artistic Guru


Vertige is heavily involved in GAME-IN, an association that unites video game companies from Nord-Pas-de-Calais and from the West Flemish and Northern French Euroregion. Our company is also a member of the SNJV (Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo), French Video Game Trade Association.

Human capital is the most important asset our company has. We will succeed as a team.

Vertige is a freed company : we built ourselves a fun and fulfilling work environment.

Quality is encoded in Vertige’s DNA. Each day is a new challenge to improve ourselves.

Boldness is the passion to innovate and to take risks. Each ending is a new begining !