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Vertige is built of belief and passion. Some people hate their jobs, we love ours. We choose to work independently, Vertige knows no hierarchy : our workers unite in self managed teams and are in charge of their own composition. Self management enables us to decide of our future as a company. In Vertige, nobody takes decision on behalf of us all.  

Our teams are composed by responsible adults wanting to build the best possible firm and having fun together. Here, everyone is responsible for his actions and decisions. We believe in working freely to create new kinds of games.
It’s our mission to detect the talented people that could join us. If you’re interested in working with us, we highly recommend you to download our company concept pdf!

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We’re looking for passionate people interested in joining our teams. We’re sure our game studio in Tourcoing, near Lille, could use your help. Let’s get in touch!



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